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TPG for social

The STAFF of Thermochemical Power Group (TPG) nella sede dell’Univeristà di ingegneria di Genova

TPG aims at fully human and professional career development of its affiliates, personnel and students, considering the ethical, environmental, social and cultural aspects of engineering activities. TPG CARE (Cooperative Actions by Research and Education) group aims to give a contribution to achieving a better and more sustainable future for all, working with partners who share our mission and passion for improving the quality of life, across the globe. TPG CARE is currently involved in several projects in developing countries in which we are glad to make available the professional skills, the practical expertise and the scientific knowledge acquired in the more than twenty years of experience by our group. TPG is aware of the need to build new generations of innovative, multi-disciplinary and globally responsible people, for this reason, TPG CARE actively contributes to educational and research activities within the University of Genoa, such as the Atheneum course on International Cooperation for Development.

The mission of TPG CARE is to exploit academic expertise to enhance and qualify international cooperation activities. Such a mission is pursued through the United Nation guidelines based on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): in particular, TPG aims to contribute to SDG#7 – Affordable and clean energy


Libano 2020

Burundi 2019

Zimbabwe 2019

Madagascar 2019

Tanzania 2016

Perù 2014