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About Us

The Thermochemical Power Group (TPG) is a multidisciplinary research group based at the Polytechnic School (Engineering and Architecture) of the University of Genoa, Italy, which was founded in 1998 by Prof. Aristide F. Massardo.

The STAFF of Thermochemical Power Group (TPG) nella sede dell’Univeristà di ingegneria di Genova

The TPG was born from the idea that the study of efficient energy conversion systems requires advanced skills in thermodynamics, chemistry, energy, exergy, as well as vision at system level through thermoeconomic and environmental analysis.

Since its foundation, TPG collaborates with the main power technology manufacturers and utilities in Europe, dealing with the most challenging issues of leading technology.

The group also actively collaborates with companies in Asia, North and South America. The group’s mission is to analyse and optimise energy plants to obtain efficient and environmentally friendly heat and power generation systems. To carry out these tasks, several simulation tools, such as W-TEMP (Web Thermo Economic Modular Program), W-ECOMP (Web Economic Cogeneration Modular Program), TRANSEO (Transient Analysis of Energy Systems) have been developed and continuously improved. In this way the TPG is able to optimise the most complex and advanced energy systems from the thermoeconomic, environomic, off-design and transient standpoints.

No matter where you are, to get the most energy from the minimum resources, TPG engineers are ready to help.


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Contains all of our journal publications, awards, patents from 1998 to 2018


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