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Rolls-Royce FCS UTC

Rolls-Royce has established a global network of Research and University Technology Centres to collaborate on a wide range of engineering fields. Each centre focuses on a specific topic, from aerodynamics to power systems and manufacturing technologies.
In 2004, the TPG has become the first Rolls-Royce University Technology Centre on Fuel Cell Systems (FCS UTC) in the world, starting a close relationship that continues to this day.

Rolls-Royce FCS UTC logo.

The main focus of the FCS UTC has always been the study of fuel cell hybrid systems, in particular micro gas turbine (MGT) - solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) layouts. This research interest led up to the realization of the cyber-physical emulator plant of the Savona campus. More recently, the UTC has started investigating the potential of turbocharged polymeric membrane electrolyte fuel cell (PEMFC) systems.

The cyber-physical emulator of MGT-SOFC hybrid system built in the laboratory of the Savona campus.

Being part of the Rolls-Royce UTC network also represents a great growth and career opportunity for the students and post-docs of TPG. In 2007, a 4-year knowledge exchange programme with Rolls-Royce Fuel Cell Systems Limited was started within the Marie-Curie ToK-IAP framework of ENSOFC project. In 2015 TPG hosted the event “Meet Rolls- Royce”, showing the career opportunites offered to Master and PhD students world-wide in the Engineering field. Since 2021, our PhD students have been invited to present their research at the Rolls-Royce Doctorate Network Conference.

Rolls-Royce Doctorate Network Conference 2022.


UTC Opening Speech

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