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PUMP-HEAT  – Performance Untapped Modulation for Power and Heat via Energy Accumulation Technologies

To un-tap Combined Cycle unexploited reserve of flexibility, and to further enhance turn-down ratio and power ramp capabilities of combined cycles, this project proposes the demonstration of a innovative concept based on the coupling of a fast-cycling highly efficient refrigeration and heating systems with a cogenerative combined cycle. The integrated system features thermal storage and advanced control concept for smart scheduling acting also as smart Load. The new Integrated System will include an innovative expander to increase the overall efficiency.

TPG role

TPG-UNIGE is the project coordinator and is responsible for the management and technical development of activities. UNIGE is also responsible for communications with EU. It is also responsible of the conceptual design of the PHCC system layouts and scenario definition. It is owner and developer of the technology for the innovative HP expander, which will be brought from the laboratory to TRL6 within the project. It is also in charge of data monitoring from the demosite and of benchmarking the enhancement in flexibility against conventional combined cycles; it is responsible of the replication studies and full-size design of PHCC technology.


H2020 - GA 764706


2017 - 2021


European Commission



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